Anonymous asked:

beeghost got a mean message that might have triggered self harm
ughmartinfreeman asked:

ughmoriarty posted 'bye <3' two hours ago and she hasn't been active since that, i'm so worried, what should i do???

we’ll try to get a hold of her, does anyone have any way to contact her outside of tumblr?

Anonymous asked:

love-sing-smile is getting some anon hate about her illness, please send her nice messages!

oh no

Anonymous asked:

shaelinewoodley said they were feeling really down. I think they could use some help.
Anonymous asked:

fallforsherlock isn't doing so well, she's going through a tough time
lovely-flower-anon asked:

Hello AAHN, I am a fellow anon hate hater. I would like not to join this team you have put together, but simply to mutually acknowledge each other in a peaceful acquaintanceship over our like-minded and kindhearted methods. Have a lovely day.

<3 thank you, you as well.

Anonymous asked:

Aphplague has expressed want to kill themselves, please help!


Anonymous asked:

please send nice things to keptinjawn they posted something worrying
benschins asked:

ghostlygays seems like they could use a little cheering up
Anonymous asked:

Im really worried about beeghost they arent getting hate but im worried